Theresa O’Connor

Game Day this Sunday

Come one, come all, to the first San Diego Irregular Sports Association Game Day this Sunday, 26 October 2003, at 12 noon.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I outlined the idea here.

We'll be playing at the south end of Mission Beach (where there are volleyball courts, grass, basketball courts, and lots of sand, you know the place, or, if you don't, ask [info]laureltree how to get there). Plan to run around on sand and also on the courts, so having a pair of sneakers is probably a good idea. Also, please bring a light shirt and a dark shirt.

I'll bring the rules to several games and a bunch of equipment. If you have any random sports equipment lying around (such as whiffle bats, cricket bats, hockey sticks, balls of various kinds, short oars, or whatever) please either bring them or call me (619-846-8434) to see if we'll need that particular kind of equipment this time.

Invite your friends! Bring refreshments! I recommend coolers with stuff in them. Interpret stuff as you will. Tell your friends to invite their friends!

UPDATE: You know you LA folk want to carpool.