Theresa O’Connor

Boston Red Sox v. New York Yankees @ The Dog this Wednesday

So, since the Sox won Game 5 of the division series against the A's tonight, they've advanced to the ALCS against New York. The first game (in the Bronx) starts this Wednesday at 5:00 Pacific Time.

Because of some late-night drunken negotiations between yours truly and Travis, the manager across the street (an A's fan, oddly enough), The Dog (on Everts between Hornblend and Garnet in Pacific Beach) will be opening a half-hour early on Wednesday (at 4:30).

What does this mean / why am I emailing you:

So, you are all cordially invited to come drink $1.00 Arrogant Bastard (or whatever your taste buds crave), play pool, and watch the Bronx Bombers get their asses handed to them on silver, John Hancock-crafted plates imported from Boston, on Wednesday, at 4:30, at The Dog.