Theresa O’Connor

Rakim issues

I'm in the process of purchasing a new hard drive for Rakim, my server which is currently down yet again due to some kind of unresolved hard drive issue.

It's entirely possible that the hard drive currently in the machine is fine, and that it's a motherboard issue instead. Basically, it's either a motherboard issue or it's a hard drive issue and, given holiday money issues, it's much more reasonable to try replacing the hard drive. Besides, if it turns out to be a motherboard issue, worst case scenario is that now we have lots more disk space to (ab)use.

The old hard drive is 120 GB and the new one I'm buying is 250 GB. Whee!

They'll ship the hard drive straight to [info]pergamon, who will hopefully be able to to the happy hard drive replacement fairly quickly.

Sorry about all the downtime. Just remember that it inconveniences me big time too.

If you'd like to help with the financial end of upgrading Rakim (yes, I provide services for free, but I do appreciate help on the hardware), donate to the cause. [info]adrianconte is excused because she rules and has already donated.