Theresa O’Connor

Weekend Recap

On Friday [info]kirinqueen and I headed up to her parents' house for the weekend after having dinner at Parallel 33, a surprisingly good restaraunt right around the corner from her house.


After having breakfast (fried spam and waffles — my first time ever eating spam), [info]kirinqueen and I headed to Disneyland for the day. Her sister Audrey's boyfriend Tom works at one of the Disney hotels, so we had free passes for both Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. While I've been to Disney World before (once, in the first grade), I had never been to Disneyland. We walked around the entire park, rode the carousel and the teacups, and generally had a wonderful time. Lots of rides were closed for work or some such, but we did get to go on the Indiana Jones thing and the Star Wars thing. After Disneyland we watched Moulin Rouge, which I hadn't seen before.

We ate dinner at Taqueria de Anda, which is basically the White Castle of taco shops (except that it's really good). They make these tiny little White Castle-sized tacos, of which I had four and she three. Good stuff. [info]pergamon needs to hit this place up when he visits.

After dinner we went to the Continental Room for drinks. When we got there there were only a few people, so we got a large (can seat 7 comfortably) booth to ourselves. But the place quickly filled up and we got some somewhat nasty looks from various patrons in groups larger than 2. Eventually a nice Irish state cop on vacation asked to sit down with us, and that was cool, but then his whole family and in-laws joined us. I was stuck next to his wife, which was a bad, bad scene, so we made our exit soon thereafter.


After breakfast we watched Pirates of the Caribbean, and then headed off to meet [info]kirinqueen's grandparents and great aunt. Spent several hours there, which was cool, and in true grandmother style, she kept on trying to feed us various things (and succeeded). Lots of fun.

On the way back to San Diego we stopped at Tom Giblin's Irish pub in Carlsbad for dinner and entertainment. Yay.