Theresa O’Connor

George end-of-life

Exerpted from an email I'm in the process of writing / sending; it may be relevant to you:

You're getting this email because we still haven't transitioned you from using George to using Rakim. [info]pergamon just recently found out that we need to move the old andromeda and George out of their current space Real Soon Now, so I need to get you guys migrated off of George ASAP.

I've gone ahead and changed mail and DNS configurations, and am in the middle of changing the relevant web server settings. There may be (hopefully somewhat slight) transition pains, as various things propagate and all that kind of crap.

If possible, please give me non-George contact information (some other email address or what-not) so I can keep you up to date if things go horribly wrong.

I'm migrating web stuff (for dedicated domains) myself, but am not otherwise touching your home directories, so might want to copy over your data if you have any. So, say your domain I host has its web files in your ~/public_html/. I've copied (or am in the process of copying) these files off, but nothing else in ~/.

If you don't know what your username/password is on Rakim, please ask.