Theresa O’Connor

Boston Trip Part N

We’ve posted this same entry to both of our journals, so the writing style is a bit neutral. It’s pretty long, so if you want to skip right to the meat of it, click on the lj-cut tag named “A Friday Lunch at the Del.” The gratuitous links are [info]hober’s fault.

Wednesday morning in Boston

On Wednesday morning we woke up early and had a bacon and egg breakfast with [info]hober’s parents. Then it was off to the commuter boat for a lovely ride into Boston. If you’ve never ridden the commuter boat into town, we highly recommend it, especially when the weather is nice. Great views of various harbor islands, Castle Island, etc.

From Rowe’s Wharf, we walked to the Common via Downtown Crossing, and strolled from the Park Street end to the other, cutting through the emptied Frog Pond in the process.

We walked through the Public Garden, and took a ride on a swan boat. Now, since [info]kirinqueen had never ridden the swan boats before, [info]hober had to take her to Shreve, Crump & Low to buy her one of their swan boat pins:

Shreve’s swan boat pin

A Surprise Purchase

Then [info]hober suggested we look at engagement rings. We had looked at rings before, so [info]kirinqueen assumed we were just looking for some more ideas. The other places we’d looked just didn’t have what we were looking for, but at Shreve’s we found a ring that was completely ideal. The salesman was very helpful and let [info]kirinqueen try it on. Wow. [info]hober had tried to, up to that point, not clue [info]kirinqueen in on his ring-choosing/buying process, so she couldn’t get too excited — yet. We’re not exactly the “instant gratification NOW!!” types.

So when the salesman asked [info]hober if he wanted to buy it, and he said yes, [info]kirinqueen was caught by surprise. The salesman needed some time to run a credit check, so we were asked to come back in 15 minutes. Both of us had a little adrenaline flowing at that point. [info]hober could have really used a drink, but the bar down the street wasn’t open yet, it being only 11:30 in the morning. So we went to the Arlington Street Starbucks for an iced tea. Then we sat on a bench overlooking the Public Garden lagoon and he calmed down a bit.

For tax reasons, we had the ring shipped to San Diego, so any official proposal had to wait until Friday, but presumably [info]kirinqueen would have stopped [info]hober from forking over the credit card if there were any possibility of a negative answer.

Friends, Family, and Food

We wandered around the public garden and the common before catching the train up to Cambridge to meet [info]hober’s Auntie Anne, who works in Harvard’s registrar’s office.

The three of us took the 77 bus to Arlington to have lunch at Blue Ribbon BBQ. On the way to the bus [info]hober told his aunt about what had just transpired, so she was the first to find out. During the bus ride and an excellent lunch, she shared a few more embarassing stories from [info]hober’s childhood with [info]kirinqueen.

After lunch we headed up the hill to the nursing home in which [info]hober’s grandmother lives, and broke the news to her. She nodded and said, “that’s nice.” I suppose that when you’re 92 there’s very little in life that can surprise you.

We visited with her for about an hour, then headed back in town to try to buy duck tour tickets at the Prudential Center. Alas, they were sold out. To kill time before heading to The Burren for dinner with Perkins, we meandered around the mall and sat in its new South Garden. After dinner we ran into this dude [info]hober went to high school with, Grenham, whom he hadn’t seen in several bajillion years or so.

After getting something to drink and socializing for a bit at the Someday Cafe, we were back on the train to Braintree, where [info]hober’s dad picked us up. We waited until we got back to the house to share our news with his parents and sister.

[info]hober’s parents were happily surprised with the news and, after some consultation in the other room, they decided to give [info]kirinqueen the sapphire which [info]hober’s father had given his mother when he was born. Yay! Then we celebrated by finishing off all the Bailey’s in the house.

Thursday was a boring travel day (Boston to San Diego), so there’s not much to write about it, other than that [info]laureltree rules for picking us up on such short notice.

A Friday Lunch at the Del

On Friday [info]hober took [info]kirinqueen to the Hotel del Coronado for lunch. After eating lunch but before dessert was served, [info]hober asked [info]kirinqueen to open a small package tied up with a white satin ribbon. [info]hober took the box, kneeled next to [info]kirinqueen, opened it, and asked, “Will you marry me?” And [info]kirinqueen replied, “Of course I’ll marry you!”

And there you have it. Un-thumbnailed, unedited photos here. Yay!

[info]kirinqueen and [info]hober