Theresa O’Connor

Weekend recap


After work Friday, [info]kirinqueen and I went out to dinner with Matt, my friend and boss. We went to D.Z. Akin's and had all sorts of yummy things. Afterwards, [info]kirinqueen and I went to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which rules. So far, all of the complaints I've seen people have about it on LJ are actually points in the movie's favor.


[info]kirinqueen's parents came down from Orange County late Friday night. We met them at their hotel first thing Saturday morning, and had breakfast at The Field.

After showing them my new place and [info]kirinqueen's place, we walked to Mama Testa for lunch. [info]kirinqueen's parents headed back to their hotel for a bit of resting before dinner, while [info]kirinqueen and I hung out at my place, taking advantage of the new living room couches that just arrived for lounging and general vegging.

We met her parents at India Palace in Hillcrest for a gratuitously large dinner.


On Sunday we met [info]kirinqueen's parents at their hotel in Little Italy for its buffet breakfast. Mark was all walked out from the previous day, so they headed back home. [info]kirinqueen and I, finding ourselves in a part of town we don't usually frequent, decided to head down to the San Diego Maritime Museum to see the Star of India.

Of course, we completely forgot that it was International Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day. So, after touring the museum in the Berkeley and running around on H.M.S. Surprise, we boarded Star of India to find the ship full of pirates, with several bands playing sea chanteys. We hung around listening for a bit and, after nipping out for lunch at Anthony's Fish Grotto, we saw the Black Irish Band and the Westlin Weavers play fun sets.

Then it was off to Ikea to get me a dresser and an office chair. Sounds easy, right? I thought so. On our first trip to Ikea, we bought the chair, the dresser, and several other random little things. After opening the dresser boxes, we quickly realized that it was missing all of the screws, nails, and dowels necessary for assembly. So we went back, waited at the customer service area, and got the necessary supplies from the clerk there.

Unfortunately, the screws etc. were the only inventoried items in the instructions, and we later found out that we were missing two rails for the smaller drawers. So we went back to Ikea again and got replacement rails, only to learn upon arriving back home that the rails we were provided are the wrong size.