Theresa O’Connor

Theresa Gertrude Colbert O'Connor, 1911 – 2004

My grandmother died this morning. She turned 93 last Wednesday.

Nina1, circa 1985.

The wake is from 4 to 8 PM on Sunday at Keefe's on Mass Av in North Cambridge. The funeral is at 10 AM the next morning at St. John the Evangelist across the street, with a reception following the burial at the Sheraton Commander on Garden Street. (Keefe's has an online condolences site thingy.)

Several photos from her life over the years

Circa 1915. That's my great-aunt Peg on the left and my grandmother on the right.

Nina at her first communion.

With parents and sister, circa 1920

That's Nina on the left, her sister Peg on the bottom, and their parents.

My great-uncle Pat, Auntie Peg, Nina, and Grandpa Dan, at their wedding.

Nina with my father, circa 1940.

My grandparents at my parents' wedding in 1976.

Nina with her first great-grandchild, my cousin Eddie's son Eddie.

Nina with my sister and me, at Nina's retirement party. She was the head secretary of the Cambridge Recreation Department for many, many years.

Nina with my sister, some time in the mid-90's.

Nina and I at my cousin Danny's wedding. Incidentally, this is where one of my lj userpics came from.

Nina dancing with my dad at my auntie Eileen's wedding.


  1. When my cousin Eddie (her first grandchild) was a kid, his mother tried to get him to call his grandmother Nana, but for some child-language-development reason which [info]kirinqueen might be able to clarify he couldn't quite say it, so he called her Nina. It stuck, and that's how she's known to her 7 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.