Theresa O’Connor

My day at ETech

I got to ETech yesterday morning about 3/4ths of the way into Cory Doctorow’s talk. The only seat left happened to be right next to Joel Spolsky (aka "the other Joel"), so that’s where I sat.

Next was some dude talking about his crappy Java reimplementation of an HTTP stack.

Jimmy was up next. He talked about (you guessed it) Wikipedia.

After Jimmy’s talk there was a panel consisting of Jimmy, Joshua Schachter (aka "the guy"), Stewart Butterfield (aka "the flickr guy"), and Clay Shirky called Folksonomy, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mess, which ruled.

After that there were a bunch of other talks before lunch which I’m going to skip describing.

I went to lunch with Jimmy and Bob Rosenschein (the guy). Had a very good time; Bob is a really awesome guy, and Jimmy of course rules. I made Jimmy do the Dad thing and show me pictures of Kira, who is now much bigger than when I last saw her. Word.

After lunch I went to the last half of the other Joel’s Building Communities with Software talk, which was actually much more like a "how to make people love your product" talk. Then Jason Fried ("the Basecamp guy") gave an excellent talk on Lessons Learned While Building Basecamp.

Then I went home.