Theresa O’Connor

Blog reviews: Baseball

In which I gush about several baseball blogs I read.

There certainly are a lot of baseball blogs out there. Here are 5 that I really enjoy:

  1. The Soxaholix

    OK, it’s more of a webcomic than a blog, but, if you haven’t been reading this hilarious Sox-themed webcomic, you’ve been missing out on some of the best baseball-related humor I’ve seen.

  2. The Transaction Guy

    "Just like the name says," this is where I keep up with who’s been traded where. Short and sweet.

  3. A Large Regular

    Chris Lynch regularly updates with a nice mix of Red Sox, politics, and humor. He was especially fun to keep up with during October 2004, with the Red Sox’s World Series run coinciding with the Presidential campaign.

  4. Call of the Green Monster

    Think The Onion-meets-the-Red Sox in this parody news site. A good way to cheer up after the Sox lose a game. Not that any of us need any cheering up these days.

  5. Cursed to First

    Beth’s Sox passion really comes through, especially in her exceedingly funny email exchanges with friends while watching the game. I imagine all Sox fans reading her think "hey, that sounds familiar. That’s what I was yelling at the TV too."

I’m going to try posting several posts like this over the next few days, in which I’ll mine my Bloglines subscriptions for the best on baseball, geekery, economics, and more. Stay tuned.