Theresa O’Connor

Beware of Dawgs

The Man of Steal strikes again during the Golden Baseball League’s opening weekend.

Long Beach Armada at San Diego Surf Dawgs

28 May 2005 at Tony Gwynn Stadium
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Rickey Henderson at the plate.

Rickey Henderson at the plate.

Erin, our friend Mathew, and I went to our first Golden Baseball League game last night to see the San Diego Surf Dawgs (featuring Rickey Henderson) take on the Long Beach Armada.

San Diego beat Long Beach 8-6. The Surf Dawgs had a big inning in the third. Of course, it figures that Mathew and I were outside getting beer, and missed all 5 runs.

Rickey went 1-2, 1 home run (the Surf Dawgs’ first), 3 walks, 2 runs, and 2 stolen bases on 3 attempts.

We had a great time at the game and will definitely be back to see the Surf Dawgs again this season.


The Golden Baseball League is a new, independent minor league in California and Arizona. The league’s mission statement: Every child deserves the opportunity to grow up watching professional baseball. More from their overview page:

Within five to seven years, the Golden Baseball League will establish a ten to twelve team league of minor league baseball teams throughout California, Southern Oregon, Western Arizona, and Northern Mexico.

The League will play in a combination of City and University owned stadiums and work collaboratively to market professional baseball in each of our communities. The League will allow communities to experience the wonder of America’s pastime and give children of all ages their first exposure to the great game of professional baseball.

They’ve started with eight teams, organized into two divisions:

While there are 8 teams, there are only 7 home stadiums. The Japan Samurai Bears are a travelling team of Japanese players. We’re going to come up with a bunch of cheers in Japanese to do when they’re in town.