Theresa O’Connor

Mighty Matt update

Matt Sheehe, my freshman year college roommate and all-around awesome guy, is in town on business this week.

Monday night after work Sheehe came over to my place, from whence the two of us set out to get beer at The Alibi. When [info]kirinqueen got out of class at 8:30 or so the three of us headed over to The Ould Sod (where every third drink is a penny and the jukebox is free on Monday nights). Good times.

On Tuesday [info]kirinqueen and I took Sheehe and his coworker David to Mama Testa’s for a scrumptious taco dinner. Afterwards, the four of us headed downtown, where we wondered around for a while before settling in at Jimmy Love’s for a few drinks.

Right, so there you have it. Just a boring update post. Move along.