Theresa O’Connor

On Leadership

In which I chime in on the controversy surrounding Rose-Hulman’s new president, Jack Midgley.

Yesterday afternoon, Rose-Hulman’s faculty voted 87-42 (with 2 abstentions) for a no-confidence motion in Rose’s new president, Jack Midgley.

Erin and I met Midgley in January at an alumni meet-and-greet here in San Diego. He seemed like a nice enough guy at the time, but of course such events only give you a very incomplete picture of things and since then he’s been embroiled in controversy.

A current Rose student runs an off-campus website,, at which concerned students, faculty, staff, and alumni can openly discuss what’s going on. While the forums there are certainly subject to Sturgeon’s Law (like any other such Web forums), there are several posts that shed valuable light on matters. Some highlights:

Last Wednesday (27 April), Claude sent an email to CS alumni alerting us to various facets of the controversy. Now, it’s not entirely clear from off-campus what exactly is going on, but here’s what I can say: I trust Claude completely and without reservation. He’s an absolutely amazing human being, and if Midgley has Claude this agitated, he’s not one to be trusted. I hope his reign at Rose is a short one, and applaud Claude, the other Dan Moore, Julia Williams, and other faculty members, students, staff, and alumni who have helped and who are helping to set things right.