Theresa O’Connor

Eventful: hands-down winner

In which I make happy chortling noises.

Taylor McKnight's written a fairly comprehensive comparison of sites on which he'd like to find concert information. He came up with a list of things he'd like to see on such sites, and evaluated Eventful, Upcoming, Ticketmaster, Pollstar, and Mojam. Happily enough, we came out on top, satisfying 11 of his 12 criteria:

I think I can easily declare Eventful the winner. It's what concert (or any event) social software aka C.S.S. ;-) should be. Its got folksonomies, true sharing and interactivity, radical trust (wikipedia style), and syndication in every way you could want (rss, iCal, email alerts, event boxes for your website).

We've put in so much time to get this site to really rock. Reading this sort of thing really feels good. :)