Theresa O’Connor

Microlending for startups

EirePreneur wants to see a version of Fundable for investing in startups:

I wish there was a version of Fundable for investing in companies. I, for one, would love to invest a few hundred (or more) in some of the early stage Irish Web 2.0 ventures, like Nooked, Tablane and PXN8, whether they're BES approved or not. Surely there are a few thousand like minded individuals out there. Multiply a few hundred by a few thousand and suddenly you're talking seriously useful funding for a startup.

I wonder if you could use Prosper to do it. I see Greg Yardley's had the same idea:

I expect we’ll see someone trying to use Prosper to raise seed money for their start-up — but this is debt financing, not equity financing. Will there ever be a Prosper-like service that allows entrepreneurs to sell slices of new ventures in an open auction? (Entrepreneurs with a track record might do quite well here.) Or — as I suspect — is the regulation involved with the sale of equity just too much of a hassle?

Poor business regulation rears its ugly head again.