Theresa O’Connor

the monster menace

  1. [info]kirinqueen: [info]radium doesn't have cats or dogs, does he?
  2. [info]hober: [info]radium himself, no
  3. [info]kirinqueen: (I assume that he's not a pet maintainer, heh)
  4. [info]hober: but he has several roommates
  5. [info]kirinqueen: right
  6. [info]hober: who might have cats/dogs/monsters
  7. [info]kirinqueen: MONSTERS
  8. [info]hober: yeah
  9. [info]hober: I think domesticating monsters was man's biggest mistake
  10. [info]kirinqueen: lmao
  11. [info]kirinqueen: mistake, or GENIUS?
  12. [info]hober: evil genius, maybe
  13. [info]kirinqueen: yeah
  14. [info]kirinqueen: frickin monsters
  15. [info]hober: yeah, wtf people
  16. [info]kirinqueen: you know what's worse than monsters, though?
  17. [info]kirinqueen: cockroaches
  18. [info]hober: umm
  19. [info]hober: hate to be the one to break this to you
  20. [info]hober: but cockroaches
  21. [info]hober: ARE MONSTERS