Theresa O’Connor

Weekend recap, flickr-style

On Saturday Erin and I went to the Padres v. Cardinals game with Patrick, Mathew, and Amanda. (The Cardinals won, 4 to 3.)

Erin and me at the game

After the game Erin and I headed to a BBQ at Doug's.

Doug and me

We ended up being Doug's last guests; we stayed to watch The Goonies, and then Doug gave us a ride home.

Sunday involved going for Pho & X-Men with Patrick and Lisa. After the movie Erin and I headed to Del Mar for some sight-seeing and dinner at Francis'.

The beach in Del Mar

Dinner was followed by lots of silliness, drinking, and playing charades, and we didn't get home until late.

Monday we went rock climbing with Rebecca, Francis, and Lucien, and stayed at the gym for a BBQ afterwards.

Erin climbing Guinness Chicken