1. Web Standards

    Edward O'Connor

  2. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    Pirate Monkey Is On the Phone
  3. What are web standards?


    The Web isn't a platform or a database or an API or… any other of those things. In fact, the Web isn't even a thing, it's a mesh of agreements with a nice straightforward engineering rulebook.

    Tim Bray, 5 June 2006


  5. Standards organizations

  6. Standards in markup

  7. Styling, scripting, and more

  8. Other web standards

  9. So much for what they are…

  10. Why should we use web standards?

  11. How to use web standards

  12. Using web standards together

  13. How not to use web standards

  14. How to help make web standards

  15. Discussion

  16. C'est ça!