Theresa O’Connor

Stone’s 10th & the SoCo Music Experience

Erin and I met up with Laurel, Doug, and Matt for breakfast at Brians’ on Washington St, where we all loaded up on yummy egg dishes before heading up to Escondido for Stone’s 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Doug very graciously volunteered to drive, and everything went swimmingly until we, err, couldn’t find the brewery. Despite the FAQ entry, we had gotten our directions from Google Maps, and they turned out to be hopelessly innacurate. We ended up having to have friends back home look up the directions for us. Despite all of this, we somehow managed to arrive on time.

We then proceeded to drink beer for three hours. Here’s a partial survey of beers I remember trying, in no particular order:

At some point during the tastings I ran into some guys from Brockton who, randomly enough, know this guy I went to elementary school with (Larry Bulu, for those of you at home).

In addition to beer, we had some of the most excellent Arrogant Bastard onion rings, several varieties of Mike’s Beer Cheese, and the Society of Barley Engineers’s astonishingly good ginger ale. The San Marcos Trading Co handed out some "Arrogant Almonds" which turned out to be quite good too.

On the way home we stopped at the Olive Garden for lunch and a pitcher of sangria, and managed to get back to San Diego around 5.

Doug dropped the rest of us off downtown, so we could catch Flogging Molly at the Southern Comfort Music Experience, a free street concert thingy.

A local band, Grand Ole Party went on at 5 (quite good, fairly White Stripes-y). The next band that we were interested in didn’t go on until 8, so we headed over to Dublin Square to spend the early evening. Much fun was had.

Michelle met up with us back at the concert, and at 8 Cowboy Mouth went on. They played a great set! They’re a New Orleans band that Matt knows from his years at Tulane, so he especially enjoyed seeing them again.

Flogging Molly didn’t dissapoint, though their lighting dude (Mr. "Shine the brightest lights at the audience for way too long at a time") and their mixing dude (Chief Listens-with-Stomach) could have done much better jobs.

Erin and I ran into and chatted with Harold (of the Blarney Stone’s Harold and Chris fame) for a bit during the set, which was cool.