Theresa O’Connor

Blogging Survey Responses

In which I answer yet another survey about blogging.

My answers to the undersigned’s blogging survey:

  1. When did you start blogging?

    April 1999.

  2. Average, how often do you blog?

    2.03 times a week (797 posts since April 1999).

  3. How do you host your blog?

    I host it myself, on rakim.

  4. What blogging application/service do you use?

    One of my own design.

  5. Do you use an application to blog directly from your desktop, rather than from your blogs administration?

    Hmm. If I interpret the question as do I use a client application which speaks some variety of blog posting protocol, or do I directly manipulate my blog content in some manner, then the answer is the latter. Otherwise, my answer is Emacs.

  6. Do you use a free theme for your blog?

    No, I have made one myself.

  7. What type of blogging do you do?

    Personal, topical (coding, baseball, libertarianism, etc.).

  8. What is your primary blogging motivation?

    Other: blogging as offloaded long-term memory.

  9. Do you care much about the amount of visitors?


  10. Does the total account of visitors on your blog count more to you, than the amount of visitors who comment on your blog posts?

    I don’t care either way.

  11. Do you use some sort of anti spam solution for your blog comments? (Such as Akismet)

    Yes, Akismet.

  12. If you run advertisements on your blog, do you sell the ads yourself?

    I don’t.

  13. If you earn money on advertising on your blog, how much do you approximately earn per month?


  14. If you are running a business blog, has it helped your business to start blogging?


  15. Are you a member of a blogging network such as random shapes or 9rules?


  16. If you are member of a blogging network - has it helped you noticeable in any way?


  17. How many daily unique visitors do your blog have?


  18. Do you keep statistics of feed subscribers?


  19. Do you put work into search engine optimisation for your blog?

    In the sense that I care about clean, semantic markup, nice URIs, etc., yes. Otherwise, no.

  20. Have you ever bought advertisement on other websites for your blog?