Theresa O’Connor


I’ve finally built out the comments infrastructure of my new blog backend, so please feel free to comment away!

My new blog backend is, for all intents and purposes, an Atom-aware cp -r. Posts are represented as Atom Entry Documents on the filesystem, which I parse with the Universal Feed Parser and then turn into HTML with Cheetah. Comments are AEDs on disk, placed into directories corresponding to each post. There’s a new comments feed, which contains the 10 most recent comments.

The new comment form handler is a simple Python script which turns the submitted comment into an AED and writes it to disk. It runs comments through Akismet (with first, and only saves out the non-spam ones. This script is the only bit of the site that isn’t static.

Please email me if anything breaks while you’re trying to leave a comment!

Note that you can use Markdown to format your comments.