Theresa O’Connor

Site history

I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at how this site has looked over the last few years. As I completely neglected to document my own site over time, I’ve had to rely on the Wayback Machine to get the browser shots below.


Circa 1999. Website done as a fake whoami(1) man page. To this day I think this is the coolest home page I’ve had.

2002-01-22 2003-04-20

2002/2003: I was going for extreme simplicity. That’s yours truly with [info]hjcanning in the photo at left; the photo’s from September 2001. This is also a good example of my inability to decide between light-on-dark or dark-on-light.

2003-12-09 2004-06-05

2003/2004: I did a big rewrite in which I tried to capture what I was interested in researching etc. Color flip-flopping continued. I think the text on my about page is a fairly distant descendant of the text here.

2004-09-23 2005-03-09

2004/2005: I seem to have gotten very badge-happy, after emphasizing the contact information block. Also, what’s up with my color choices here?