1. Roll your own standards body

    Edward O’Connor

    slides: http://edward.oconnor.cx/2006/11/BarCamp-LA/

  2. To help enable ad-hoc organizations to

    without getting bogged down in politics, personalities, or process

  3. Lightweight organizations

  4. Origins in process failures

  5. BDFL as substitute for process

    [WHAT WG] has a very well defined process… I listen to people, I make a decision, I publish, rinse, repeat.

    — Hixie, in #microformats

  6. Sure, but…

  7. Adapt existing, working process

  8. Historical deliberation

  9. Origins in precedent

  10. Adapting parliamentary rules

    Templatization of parliamentary procedure in America

  11. </historical>

  12. Turns out, there’s already a deliberative process (that we can crib from) which takes these into account!

  13. The IETF process — RFC 2026

    We’re the people who make the GODDAMN INTERNET RUN!! If it weren’t for us, you’d be drooling in your laps instead of on your keyboards.

    — Darrell Fuhriman

  14. Technology → less process

  15. Analagous to design patterns as programming language failure

    (16 of the 23 patterns in GoF unnecessary in Lisp — Norvig)

  16. The IETF's process' rules are very different from parliamentary procedure

    But the underlying principles are the same

    Solving the same problem in a modern context

  17. Let’s templatize the IETF process like Cushing and Robert templatized parliamentary procedue

  18. Thanks!