Theresa O’Connor

Hoboken — San Diego Pizza & Beer Review

The second in a series of reviews of places to grab a pizza and some beer here in San Diego. In this installment, I review Hoboken, Pacific Beach's best pizza option by far.
1459 Garnet Ave. Pacific Beach, CA 92109

Hoboken is a very good spot for New York-style pizza & beer right on Garnet Ave. in the heart of Pacific Beach.

The first thing you’ll notice about the place when you walk in the door is how the wals to either side are covered with photos. One the east side of the restaurant, the wall is covered with visions of New York, Hoboken, and Hoboken’s most famous son — Frank Sinatra (whose music is often heard playing on Hoboken’s sound system). On the west wall, you have scene upon scene of wonderful California surf conditions.

In the middle of each wall is a photo of the proprietor, a man from Hoboken who moved to San Diego. On the California wall, he’s at the beach with his surf board under his arm, as well as an out-of-place briefcase. On the eastern wall, he’s in a suit in the middle of Times Square, also with the briefcase and surf board.

Hoboken’s beer selection is basic but servicable. Their pizza, however, is some of the best New York-style pizza in the city. Out of their specialty pies, the Hot Maggie is my pick — it’s got enough spice for anybody. Friends say the shrimp pizza with alfredo sauce is wonderful, but I’ve never been one for shrimp so I can’t say.