Theresa O’Connor

The Diamond Age: a Sci-Fi Channel Miniseries

One word: Awesome. Here’s the scoop:

Sci Fi Channel has ordered a six-hour miniseries based on Neal Stephenson’s best-selling novel The Diamond Age: Or a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer to be produced by George Clooney[…]

Stephenson will adapt The Diamond Age for Clooney and Grant Heslov’s Smokehouse Productions. The book, set in a neo-Victorian futuristic society involves an underprivileged young lady who gets her hands of a technologically advanced book intended only for the children of the upper classes.

For those of you who haven’t read it or heard of it, The Diamond Age is my favorite Neal Stephenson novel. It’s simply wonderful. You should read it right away.

From that article it sounds likely that Stephenson is writing the screenplay, or at least is hammering out the adaptation treatment. Word.