Theresa O’Connor

The Evolution of Extra Pieces Guy

In which Erin and I have fun evolving a creatue from the extra pieces in our LEGO Advent Calendar.

As you know, Erin and I had lots of fun building our LEGO Advent Calendar in December. Many of the day’s sets had a few extra pieces in them, so over the course of Advent a freakish LEGO nightmare called the Extra Pieces Guy slowly evolved.

This is his story.

1–9 10

He started out quite simply, with two legs, one eye, and three antennae. Then he got a tail and some boots!

11 15

16 17

His first major change: now he's more of an ordinary quadruped, with four legs and two eyes. Next he grew a bit of a back ridge and longer eye stalks. Quite possibly my favorite change is the addition of his mouth.

18 19 20

This reconfiguration of his tail and back lasted through several iterations, including the sprouting of a third eye and even longer eye stalks.

22 23 24

His final advances saw his back grow an outrageous, translucent protrusion, followed by a metamorphosis which completely transformed his middle, back, and tail.

M/V Extra Pieces Guy BB Extra Pieces Guy SSB Extra Pieces Guy

Then I experimented with completely different things to do with the extra pieces. I started out building some kind of seagoing craft, which then split into two: a battleship and a submarine with the battleship leftovers.