Theresa O’Connor

Riding the bus to work

Brandon Whichard asks, would you ride a bus to work?

Everyone’s different, of course, but I quite like my bus commute. It gives me a chunk of time that can be used in all sorts of nice ways: reading a book, sleeping, catching up on feeds, blogging — and all that without any traffic-induced stress, too. What’s not to like? Roger Cauvin made this same point in a comment (emphasis mine):

I definitely prefer riding the bus to driving. My time driving is idle. My time riding the bus is productive. I can’t read and respond to e-mail while I’m driving. I can’t read books while driving. I can’t write an MRD while driving.

Brandon goes on to doubt the quality of the bus’ connectivity:

Every article mentions the buses as having Wifi. Can this Wifi be that good? Even stationary Wifi points have problems. Has Google really solved this problem too?

When I was a sysadmin at UCSD, one of the Cal-(IT)2 projects I worked on was the cybershuttle, a campus shuttle with wifi onboard. The uplink was provided by Qualcomm — some kind of experimental EVDO precursor. Anyway, the connection was pretty good for plowing through your email and some light browsing. I’m sure this sort of thing has only improved since then, and that the Google bus’ connection is quite usable.

Google is getting endless miles of positive press coverage around [their] Commuter Bus program[…] Does anyone like taking a bus? In high school everyone could not wait to start driving so they would not have to take the bus. Have things changed since then?

I don’t know how much has changed since high school, but I’m guessing Brandon hasn’t.