Theresa O’Connor

North Cambridge xkcd mystery event

The most recent xkcd contains a reference to a particular point in space and time. Lots of xkcd fans are planning on meeting up there & then [forum, LiveJournal, Eventful].

This particular point in space is a park in North Cambridge (map), which is a stone’s throw away from many landmarks of family significance and childhood memories:

You get the picture. Well, actually, here’s the picture:

North Cambridge

All of the above, with the xkcd location in black.

I’ve saved and will keep updating a public Google Map of these landmarks.

Icing for the surreal cake: the day in question, 23 September, is my sister’s birthday.

Given all that, I think I’m pretty much required to be there. You should come too! I’m thinking a Redbones run is in order for afterwards.