Theresa O’Connor

The vast, browser-wing conspiracy

An email of mine to www-archive, in which I get annoyed at the strange, anti-browser attitude which seems to be prevalent among lots of web designers and developers. Courtesy of my personal mail→web archiver.

On 5/2/07, Gareth Hay <> wrote:

That is my view, and I haven’t read anything to come close to altering my view. I also believe this to be true of the other side of the argument. since the other side is browser vendors and the people who have been ‘driving hmtl’ for decades, I am clearly wrong.

I do not participate in the development of any browser, nor have I been ‘driving html for decades,’ and yet I strongly believe that HTML5 should define interoperable error handling & support existing content, and that browsers shouldn’t inundate end users with parse errors. Please consider the possibility that those who disagree with you aren’t all members of some kind of vast, browser-wing conspiracy.