Theresa O’Connor

BarCamp San Diego

We threw BarCamp San Diego last weekend, and it completely rocked. I’ve been putting off doing a recap because there’s so much to say — the weekend was simply packed with awesome. Many thanks to all of our sponsors for helping to make this possible. Check out the tons of great photos from BarCamp on Flickr!

Quite possibly the coolest part of the whole thing is that the T-shirts were made, on-site, with a home-made silk-screen press Billy put together:

Billy, doing some last-minute welding The shirts came out great

Billy, doing some last-minute welding — The shirts came out great

I got to hang out with lots of interesting people and go to several awesome presentations. Here’s an incomplete and jumbled list of them:

Erin’s talk on snowclones introduced several members of her audience to the concept, and was, I suspect, the first presentation given on snowclones in the world. Word.

Opening session

We had quite a crowd at the opening session

Eventful’s own Chris Bennett gave an outstanding presentation on the Facebook Platform — unfortunately, by going to his, I missed Matt’s talk on photography.

I met Josh Brewer, with whom I apparently share many interests. His microformats presentation rocked. We considered doing some kind of joint presentation on web typography for Sunday, but I didn’t have the time to put something together.

Chris gave a talk on pirates, monkeys, and robots (with the occasional ninja), which was actually about how and why websites succeed by engaging and empowering their communities. Chris had me so engaged, I forgot to bounce back-and-forth between his talk and Peter’s session on hacking the female mind.

Barclay and A.C. both gave talks during the same slot, but I somehow managed to miss both of them — I’m not sure how. I think I had gotten sucked into a conversation in the hall.

Tent in classroom

Several of the tents ended up being set up inside.

Dinner was pizza and beer, which was followed by the return of Powerpoint Karaoke to San Diego. Several of the contestants made me laugh quite loudly. Or maybe that was the beer — a keg of Ballast Point’s Yellotail Pale Ale helped to get San Diego’s geeks out of their shells and into prime form.

Patrick led a group discussion about coworking, specifically on the possibility of starting up a coworking space here in San Diego. Several of us are continuing to look into possible places downtown; hopefully we’ll get something going in the next few months.

Jed led a discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing small, independent filmmakers today. A few years ago, he was working on a documentary on cilantro — how awesome is that?

Lindsay talked about where the line is between ethical online marketing and sketchy stuff. She falls on the ethical side. :) Speaking of ethics, Lisa talked about the psycholinguistic ways in which advertisers and politicians manipulate us.

Ryan Felton did two talks in one: first, how to get started with Ruby on Rails, and second, on building an Ajaxy N-star rating plugin for Rails. Ryan’s BarCamp recap is worth the read!

After getting home Saturday night, I managed to cobble together some slides on the HTML5 effort, which I then presented on Sunday.

When it was all over, cleanup was smooth to the point of utter painlessness — thanks to all who stayed late to help us put TTR back to normal.

Patrick, Ryan, and myself

Patrick, Ryan, and me, three of the N BarCamp San Diego planners.

Again, thanks to everyone involved, everyone who came, and especially the sponsors who made the whole thing possible. I hope to see you in November at BarCamp San Diego 2!