Theresa O’Connor

Off to Ireland

Vox asks, Are you taking a vacation this summer? Where are you headed and who’s going with you? Erin and I are just about to head to Ireland and Scotland with family, to celebrate my mother’s retirement after over forty years of teaching in Cambridge public schools.

Tomorrow morning, Erin and I fly to Boston and spend the night in Scituate, my hometown. Saturday finds us at my 10th reunion at BC High, after which we’ll spend the night at my aunt’s house in Arlington. Sunday night we fly to Shannon, where we’re met Monday morning by my parents, my sister, and my aunt Anne. At that point we head south and spend the night in Killarney.

A big chunk of Tuesday is spent driving north to Galway, where we’ll stay for the rest of the week. If any Irish tech folk want to get together and talk about any of these topics (or anything else for that matter), I’m all for it! Galway is pretty much the only spot where I’ll have enough time to actually meet up with people, so if that’s feasible for you, please drop me a line. Is there a Galway OpenCoffee Club? I’ll be sure to document the trip on TouristR. :)

Erin and me, at Kylemore Abbey

Erin and me, at Kylemore Abbey while on our honeymoon.

Early on the 17th, Erin, Kathleen, and I drive to Dublin and catch a plane across the Irish Sea to Edinburgh, where the three of us stay somewhere on the Royal Mile for three nights. If any Scottish geeks want to get together, let’s do so! It’s back to Dublin on the 20th, where the three of us spend the night not far from Stephen’s Green.

The next day we fly back to Boston and collapse in an exhausted heap at my parents’ house in Scituate. Erin and I stay there until the 23rd and then fly back to San Diego. Only a day separates traveling from work that following Monday. Wheeee.