Theresa O’Connor

Where to eat & drink in Boston

If you’re visiting Boston, here are four places to eat and drink that probably aren’t in your tourist guide, but really should be.

A great shot of the Hancock buildings

Erin’s great shot of the Hancock buildings.


55 Chester St. Somerville, MA


The best barbeque you’ll have outside of Texas. Get the pulled pork plate, or the St. Louis ribs. Great beer selection too. Get there early (before 7). I make a point of going to Redbones every single time I go home, without exception. It’s that good.

Watch out if you take a video of your friends there — Viacom doesn’t like that!

To get there, take the Red Line to Davis. Walk down Elm St. from Davis Sq. and take a right on Chester St.

Note that if you would like a proper pint with some craic afterwards, The Burren is the place to go, and it’s right on Elm across from Chester St.

Bukowski Tavern

50 Dalton St. Boston, MA 02115

The place to go to try lots of different kinds of beer. Their slogan is “99 bottles of beer on the wall,” and they mean it. The Soup Bitch’s special is usually good, and the white trash cheese dip is yummy too. Get there before 8 for really cheap pub grub.

To get there, take the Green Line to Hynes/ICA. Walk south on Mass av, left on Boylston, then right on Dalton.

There’s a Cambridge location too, in Inman Sq.


J.J. Foley’s

117 East Berkeley St. Boston, MA 02118

My choice for a neighborhood bar. This is the place to go if you want to get a feel for Boston’s Irish underbelly. Be sure to note MA license plate 576 hanging on the wall.

I went to high school with the publican’s son, who is now a Franciscan brother.

Charlie’s Kitchen

10 Elliot St. Cambridge, MA

In Harvard Sq. The double cheeseburger king. Helen is the septagenerian waitress who served my folks when they went here in the 60s. She’s really nice — tip her well! :)