Theresa O’Connor

A day at the races

My $70 horse

Jay’s shot of Chief Teddybear winning race 3.

Jay, Reed, Erin, and I went to Del Mar to see the races on Saturday. At the start of the day I put $4 down, and after that bet solely with winnings. I walked away $70 up. I apparently have a knack for racetrack betting.

Jay, Reed, and me, at the racetrack

Enjoying the day with Jay and Reed

We were there for four races; I won at least one bet on three of them. Race 3 was particularly exciting; horse #2 (Cayambe) led for almost the whole time, only edged out by #7 (Chief Teddybear) at the last moment (pictured above). I had money on Chief Teddybear. Good stuff.

When the bell was rung for starting,
All the horses seemed impatient.
Their feet, they barely touched the ground,
Their speed was so amazing!

With me whack fo’ the do fo’ the diddle-y idle ay!