Theresa O’Connor

Annual summaries

On this site, I usually publish content with URLs of the form /{year}/{month}/{slug}. As you might expect, monthly archives can be found at /{year}/{month}/. But at /{year}/ (e.g. /2007/), there’s just been a list of the year’s months during which I published something. Boring.

I wanted to do something more interesting with /{year}/ pages, so I decided to write up little summaries of what I was up to at that time. I’ve written them for 19992006. (I figure I should wait until 2008 to write one for this year.)

I decided the summaries should only describe life as I blogged it then. This is partly out of respect [for] the [publishing] decisions of my past self,* and partly because I wanted to heavily link to relevant blog posts.

The resulting text is fairly low-fidelity. For instance, conspicuously absent from my 2005 summary is any decent description of our wedding and honeymoon. This isn’t surprising—we were too busy to blog about it.

Those of you who were eagerly awaiting my autohagiography will have to wait.