Theresa O’Connor

O’Brien’s Pub, the hoppiest place on Earth!

I’ve been meaning to check out O’Brien’s American Pub (4646 Convoy St. in Kearny Mesa) for a long time; game 2 of this year’s ALCS seemed like as good an excuse as any. Erin and I headed over to O’Brien’s on Saturday to catch the game. And wow, is this place awesome.

First off, the beer selection is amazing. Lots of Belgian stuff and many IPAs. Great mix of local stuff on tap, and several pages of bottles. A great place for beer folk. The food is at the sandwichy end of pub grub, decent and reasonably-priced.

It’s got a nice, homey atmosphere. The big, comfy chairs are great for long-term sitting (though I’m told the arms are too high for knitting). The regulars are friendly, as are the dogs—lots of outdoor seating make this place a hit with dog owners. The noise level is quite low; you don’t have to shout to keep your conversation going. They even have free wireless!

The only bad thing about this place is the location—Kearny Mesa is a little too far away from where we live to add O’Brien’s to our regular rotation. But I’ll definitely be taking friends from out of town here for a beer or two.