Theresa O’Connor

State of the Firehose

Ted’s Internet usage stats
Source of data Number of inputs Change since February 2007
Google Reader880 feeds-40
Twitter208 friends+177
LiveJournal212 (People179 + Communities30 + Feeds3)+49
Gmane152 lists-14
IRC13 channels+4
Facebook223 friends+223

2007 was the Year of Twitter and Facebook, so it should come as no surprise that they provided the bulk of the increase. Yet despite the total number of inputs increasing, I feel like the cognitive load of keeping up with all of this actually went down.

I don’t actually check my Wikipedia watchlist or network on anything resembling a regular basis anymore, so I removed both from the list of inputs. I don’t remember when I joined Facebook, but 2007 was when I started paying attention to it daily, so I’ve added it.