HTML 5 for the Working Web: features you can use today

HTML 5 for the Working Web

features you can use today

Theresa O’Connor @ Ignite San Diego

When will HTML 5 be ready?

LC in October 2009

CR in 2012, REC in 2022


Charging ahead to implement this stuff

(Re)introduced features

Lots of features with years of wide brower support that aren’t in HTML 4.01 or related specs

JavaScript APIs

HTML 5 is not just elements and attributes

Specified in terms of the real DOM in actual browsers

Progressive enhancement

is the new

graceful degradation

The doctype

<!DOCTYPE html>

Triggers standards mode in all major browsers

Offline webapps

 <html manifest="example.manifest">

New sectioning elements

<article>, <section>, <header> & <footer>, <nav>, <aside>, and <hgroup>.

Work in IE with html5shiv, and older Firefoxen by simply styling them display: block


Works in IE with Google’s excanvas shim.


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The engine of AJAX

innerHTML, document.write()

And other bits of DOM 0 that haven’t been specced before

Web workers

Background JavaScript worker threads

Safari & FF have native support

IE & Chrome with Gears

Web Storage

Client-side key-value pair storage

Safari, FF, & IE8 have native support

IE<8 & Chrome with Gears


<ol start="4">

<li value="8">

Also resurrected


Custom non-visible data

N.B. the element.dataset API isn’t widely implemented yet

Thank you!

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