Edward O’Connor
Django San Diego

“The Cloud” & Python

local development & remote deployment

Google App Engine

intentionally-limited platform

portability cost (exit)

We want the ease-of-use benefits of GAE without the lock-in costs of GAE

A new way to deploy web applications


built on libcloud


EC2 (US & West, EU West), GoGrid, Linode, Slicehost, Rackspace, RimuHosting, Terremark, vCloud, Voxel, &

toppcloud is opinionated, not agnostic

just Jaunty

PostgreSQL & PostGIS

… or CouchDB

toppcloud and django


toppcloud create-node

Creates a new VPS

toppcloud setup-node

Configure said VPS with your deps

toppcloud init path/to/app/
toppcloud serve path/to/app/

Run local dev server

toppcloud update – path/to/app/

Update remote instance of app

toppcloud run

Run an app script on sever

PyCon keynote

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