Theresa O’Connor

Hacienda Guadalupe & Laja

Just south of San Diego lies the beautiful Guadalupe Valley. Baja's wine country, the Valle de Guadalupe is home to several wineries and other attractions including Laja, an amazing farm-to-table restaurant. Erin and I have been meaning to check Laja out for ages and ages, ever since Lindsay first told us about it. We finally had an excuse when my folks recently visited from Boston.

The four of us stayed at the lovely Hacienda Guadalupe while in the valley.

Hacienda Guadalupe

A room at Hacienda Guadalupe The pool at Hacienda Guadalupe

Hacienda Guadalupe is simply perfect. Great view of the valley, lovely rooms, and an idyllic pool make for a very relaxing stay.

After a gruelling afternoon sipping wine in the jacuzzi and reading by the pool, we headed over to Laja for dinner. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised that we ran into Michael and Steph from The Linkery there.

Laja Erin and me, in the garden at Laja

The meal was amazing. Seriously, I had the most tender beef I've ever tasted, and everything else was awesome too.

We had such a lovely time that we're heading right back tomorrow.