Theresa O’Connor

Ignite San Diego

The second Ignite San Diego was this past Tuesday night, and it was awesome.

Like last time, The Hive was our gracious host, though this time we were in the parking lot next to their new location in the East Village. It’s August, and we’re in San Diego, so why ever be inside? People brought beach chairs, blankets, or whatever else they had to sit on.

MIHO Gastrotruck served up their unique brand of farm-to-table street food. Everyone I talked to raved about the food afterwards. (I had the burger, and holy crap that shit is tasty.)

One of the great things about doing Ignite outside was that we got to enjoy Hive241’s wonderful new street art mural. I’m not sure if it was done as part of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Viva la Revolución exhibit that’s going on right now, but either way, it provided a striking backdrop for our speakers.

Speaking of the talks, I have to say that, while the presentations at our first Ignite rocked, our speakers this round really took things to a new level of awesomeness. Both Jed and Brian, in different ways, pointed out ways that our community can be more politically active. Jason made everyone want to stop what we were doing and eat some waffles. We had talks on everything in between, from AI to the End of the World. Really inspiring stuff.

Many thanks to everyone who made our second Ignite what it was: our sponsors, volunteers, speakers, attendees, MIHO, and organizers.

Let’s do this again in a few months.