Theresa O’Connor


TPAC 2012 was in Lyon. I took Erin, and we bookended the trip with weekends in Paris. Lindsay was visiting England at the time and popped down to spend one of those weekends with us.

France: Je suis en vous.

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We drank some awful things and some amazing things. Sherry Butt, an unbelievably wonderful cocktail bar in Paris, had just recently opened. I make a point of returning every time I'm in town.

I remember TPAC that year very fondly; we got up to a number of shenanigans that week, including my first visit to Au Petit Bouchon Chez Georges and an extremely memorable dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant whose name I've forgotten.

While in Lyon I introduced Erin to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, but unfortunately I only got one blurry photo of the two of them. It was Halloween, so Erin's dressed as a witch (wearing a witche's hat she knit and felted herself).

I posted tons of photos of the trip on Flickr, and relatively few to Instagram.