Theresa O’Connor


In Japan every summer there's a nation-wide high school baseball tournament called なつ甲子園こうしえん (the Summer Koshien), and the whole country goes wild for it. It's like March Madness and the BCS combined, but more so. It's going on right now and it's pretty fun to watch.

You can live stream every game here for free. Here's the schedule of today's matches in your time zone. The morning games in Japan are at a reasonable time for North Americans to watch, and the later games are good for when you can't sleep. The final is in a few days, on the 26th.

All of the games are played at Koshien Stadium, built in 1924, the oldest and most loved stadium in Japanese baseball. It's their Fenway, and it's the home of my Hanshin Tigers.

The commentary is all in Japanese, but that doesn't matter—you understand the game, and you're watching these really skilled, really earnest high schoolers give it everything they've got. It's a great way to enjoy watching a sport you love.

I had trouble sleeping last night, so I watched the Yokohama - Chiben Gakuen game:

阪神甲子園球場 (Hanshin Koshien Stadium)
Team 123456789 RHE
横浜中学校・高等学校 (Yokohama J&S HS) 000000000 073
智辯学園 (Chiben Gakuen — Nara Campus) 00030200X 5132