Theresa O’Connor


Eryn and I spent in Japantown. We stayed at the Hotel Kabuki and spent our time relaxing, wandering around the neighborhood, and visiting various shops and restaurants. I miss traveling, I miss Japan, and the pandemic has been so hard on all of us. This was just the kind of mental health / self-care break we needed.

On Sunday we spent a few hours at the Japanese-style baths at Kabuki Springs & Spa. There's a hot bath, a cold bath, a dry sauna, a steam room, Adirondack chairs and chaise lounges, and Western- and Japanese-style showers.

Unlike virtually every communal bath in Japan, Kabuki Springs is trans-inclusive. It's so nice to be able to safely experience the bath with other women, cis and trans, without anyone giving me any grief. The last time I was able to really properly experience this kind of bath was pre-transition, in 2015. More recently, when I stayed at a ryokan in 2019, they wouldn't let me use the bath during regular operating hours. They offered to open the bath early—so I could use it without any other guests present—but I didn't take them up on that offer.