Theresa O’Connor


In I attended TPAC (the W3C’s annual conference) in Vancouver, BC.

I had everybody on my team travel to Cupertino the week before. It was the first time I’d managed to get Anne, David, Karl, Marcos, and Sam together in one place. Besides being an important opportunity for us to prep for TPAC, it was simply great to see them all. I’d not seen any of them in person since before the pandemic.

(L–R) Yves Lafon (W3C Team), Rossen Atanassov (Microsoft), and myself. We were the only folk from the TAG who managed to make it to TPAC this year.
Yves Lafon (W3C Team), Rossen Atanassov (Microsoft), and myself outside the venue at TPAC 2022. Yves and Rossen are making thumbs-up gestures. We're all masked. You can tell by the crinkles around our eyes that we're all smiling.

Speaking of which, this was the first in-person TPAC since 2019. The W3C required everybody to take a rapid antigen test each morning before attending and there was an outdoor space with tables for our coffee and lunch breaks. I was pretty anxious about attending an event of this size and was glad to see how seriously people took the precautions. It was so, so nice to see many friends and colleagues I hadn’t seen since Fukuoka.

This was also the first in-person TPAC since I took over as Apple’s AC rep. On behalf of my TAG colleagues, I presented our Ethical Web Principles document to the AC on Wednesday (slides, transcript).