Theresa O’Connor


I signed up for Twitter in November 2006. My first tweet simply said that I was looking forward to having pancakes & eggs for dinner! I mean, breakfast for dinner, right? Never a bad idea, that.

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about the way Elon is singlehandedly destroying a service that has meant so much to me over the years. And maybe I’ll manage to blog those thoughts and feelings here one day.

For , though, I’ve imported my Twitter archive onto my website. Each and every tweet I’ve sent is now preserved here. So many moments. The San Diego fires of 2007, taking a job at Apple, coming out as trans, the birth of my daughter, our divorce, etc.

There’s work still to be done: my tweet importer doesn’t know how to handle retweets, the media associated with a tweet, nor how to expand links. But it’ll do for now.

The next step (assuming I get IndieKit working) will be to make it so that I can post tweets here first, and then syndicate them to my Twitter and Mastodon accounts. (And once cohost has a public API, I can cross-post things there too.)