W3C TAG Ethical Web Principles


Hi, I’m Tess.

I’m from the TAG.

Let’s talk about the Ethical Web Principles document.


The web should empower an equitable, informed and interconnected society. It has been, and should continue to be, designed to enable communication and knowledge-sharing for everyone. In order for the web to continue to be beneficial to society, we need to consider the ethical implications of our work when we build web technologies, applications, and sites.

§1 Introduction

What’s new?

W3C community members have raised issues & submitted PRs

e.g. Brad Chen (Google) revised the information integrity principle & Mark (Cloudflare) filed a number of issues


PR #99

Currently a Note in /TR/ space

Intent is for it to become a W3C Statement

Will issue a call for wide review after the #acks PR lands

The TAG does a lot of design reviews

We capture learnings in Web Platform Design Principles

Many design principles rooted in the ethical web principles

Horizontal review

How do we, the members of the W3C, evaluate how well we are living up to these principles?

How can we measure our progress?