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doki doki (or, faint signs of life)

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A whole lot has happened since I last updated this page.

My Junior year at Rose wrapped up. Over the course of finals week people left for the summer. A bunch of cool people graduated and are off doing whatever it is that graduates do. (I’ll have pictures up when I get this roll developed.)

I flew out here to lovely San Diego, California, where I’m living and working for the summer. I’m working for Bomis and am living with Dr. Carolyn Ray. Carolyn helped me pick out a mountain bike, and taught me how to ride it. I now ride it to and from work every day. I have trouble imagining a better commute; the scenery along the way is nothing short of idyllic (which perfectly matches the weather here (also idyllic)).

One week from now, I will be in the air on my way to Vancouver, British Columbia, for IOS’s Advanced Seminar (immediately followed by the Summer Seminar). As previously described here, this year’s seminar will be awesome.

I’ve had several false starts at updating this since April, but for one reason or another I haven’t done so. Nor do I think it likely that I’ll update this often this summer; I’m only networked when I’m at work, and am typically busy doing other things there.

So this is more of a personal update than a reflection. It’s me saying “I’m not dead” to the world, because I haven’t been giving much indication of that of late.

A heartbeat says you haven’t died.
You gotta try to stay alive.

— Juliana Hatfield