Theresa O’Connor

BarCamp San Diego 2

Ack! Has it really been two weeks since San Diego’s second BarCamp? Sorry for the delay in finishing my writeup. Check out our photos, as well as everybody else’s.

Besides running the Wii Bowling tournament (read on for details), my only substantive planning responsibility this time was the selection and procurement of beer. I picked AleSmith’s Nautical Nut Brown Ale, a lovely dark ale brewed just a few blocks from TTR, our hosts both this time and last time.


Nate related his experience twittering the San Diego fires in October, and drummed up interest in figuring out how geeks can help in disasters. You can join in the effort over here.

Josh talked about the state of web standards, which then segued into Dominic, Patrick, Josh, and I pitching the idea of forming a new web standards group for San Diego. I don’t know if we have critical mass for one, but it’s definitely something I’d like to see here.

I used the week between BarCamp LA 4 and BarCamp San Diego 2 to improve my presentation on personal unit testing; here are the updated slides. I’m really happy with how this talk evolved over the course of the week.

Y.T., talking about personal unit testing

Me, during my talk on personal unit testing.


Billy demonstrated his DIY silkscreen press on Sunday morning—this time around, we made all the shirts beforehand, so Billy could actually enjoy BarCamp.

Erin presented an introduction to computational linguistics. It’s such a big area that to compress the basics into 25 minutes is quite a feat, and was very impressive.

Ryan talked about taking the plunge from salaried work into freelancing—very topical for me, so that was awesome.

Late on Sunday, and at Nate’s prodding, I gave a hurried talk (slides) on adopting an Anglospheric governance model for online communities. If that title didn’t make any sense to you, don’t worry. I doubt the talk made much sense either. I threw it together at the last minute, heavily cribbed from the talk I gave at BarCamp LA 2 last fall.

Wii Bowling Tournament

Saturday night, while Powerpoint Karaoke went down in another room, I ran a Wii Bowling tournament. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised to see Patrick win; he’s unstoppable.

Evie Liz Patrick The finalists: Patric, Eric, Evelyn, and Lisa.

Highlights from our Wii Bowling Tournament.

Tournament results
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D Final
Lisa164 Sanford159 Danny146 Alex133 Lisa160
Rob130 Patrick213 Jonathan144 Lucca121 Patrick189
Daniel114 Liz136 Evie175 Vincent158 Evie127
Ted146 Viss163 Douglas106 Eric188 Eric171

Many, many thanks to our awesome sponsors for making everything possible:

And thanks to everybody who attended—you’re the ones who make BarCamp so memorable.

See you next time!