Theresa O’Connor

Worldviews of the Web

In his latest blog post, Shane McCarron managed to illustrate the disconnect about what the Web is and isn't better than I've ever been able to (emphasis his, importance mine):

What's the problem? The organization with the primary responsibility for taking the web forward has two competing sets of activities. There's the browser-centric work - this includes HTML5, CSS, and the Rich Web Client Activity (HTML DOM stuff, Widgets, XMLHTTPRequest etc.). Then there's the web-centric work - this includes XML, XPath, Xinclude, XML Schema, RDF, OWL, etc. And while these sets of activities could be designed to dovetail together, the browser-centric work seems to be ignoring the rest of the work.

The worldview that allows Shane to paint XML, XPath, Xinclude, XML Schema, RDF, OWL, etc. as web-centric work whilst claiming HTML5, CSS, … HTML DOM stuff, Widgets, XMLHTTPRequest etc. to be merely browser-centric—that, right there, in plain language, is the gap between the imaginary Web of some people's fancy and the actual Web that is used every day by millions of people.