Theresa O’Connor


Years in review: 201820192020


I travelled way too much in 2019.

I went to Japan twice, in February for a TAG meeting and in September for the TAG and for TPAC.

In March I went to New York City for FOMS.

I went to Canada three times, to Québec and Toronto in April and then back to Toronto in June, for various W3C meetings.

In April Erin, EJ, and I went to LA to spend Easter with my in-laws, and managed a quick trip down to San Diego to see friends.

In May the three of us escaped to Sacramento for a little Mothers' Day getaway, then later that month I went to Reykjavík for a TAG meeting.

We took a vacation to Grover Beach in July.

I had to pop up to Seattle for a quick meeting in August. Erin had to go to San Diego later that month for work, so EJ and I tagged along.

We spent Thanksgiving in LA with Erin's family and Christmas in Scituate with mine.


Erin and I saw Come from Away and Hamilton.

Eryn and I went to a Zoé & Metric concert in March.

jae and I caught a BOS@OAK game in April.

Eryn, Emily, and I saw Carly Rae Jepsen on the Dedicated tour in June.


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